EMC and thermal interface materials

EMC and thermal interface materials

We supply o-rings, extruded profiles and gaskets in conductive materials for use in applications with high requirements for shielding electronic equipment and sealing against demanding environments.

From our own production department in Norway, we have the opportunity to both machine, cut and splice conductive elastomers according to the drawing into a finished product that both simplifies installation and ensures correct installation.

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Otto Olsen AS is Scandinavia's largest distributor of products from Parker Chomerics. We use this in our own production in addition to selling products and semi-finished products that we stock with us.

With us you can order both small and large series of thermally conductive pads,
EMC o-rings and gaskets with short lead times and with competitive prices.

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Here is a selection of categories within this
the product range that we deliver:

Thermally conductive pads and gel

O-rings with in-house production of special dimensions

Customer-specific gaskets

Extruded profiles

Sealant and glue

Metal gaskets

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