Metal industry

Metal industry

One of Norway's largest export industries is the metal industry, and aluminum production is the largest part of this industry. The areas of use for aluminum include the construction industry, the car and transport industry, for use in packaging, electrical cables etc.

Ferrosilicon and silicon metal are also produced in Norway, and Norway is one of the world's largest producers in this area. The field of application for ferrosilicon is the production of steel.

In addition, iron, steel, nickel, zinc and magnesium are on the list of what Norway produces.

Environmental focus is important - and the industry is undergoing a great development

About ten percent of Norway's total CO2 emissions come from the metal industry. At the same time, the Norwegian metal industry emits the least CO2 in the world. The production that takes place today of such raw materials is based on traditional processes - which is not in the best interests of the environment. There are several ongoing projects with the goal of making the mineral and metal industry more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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