Food and pharma

Food and pharmaceutical industry

Industrial production equipment in this industry is very valuable, therefore it is important to have good routines, follow-ups, controls and maintenance.

Developments in this area are extremely rapid. Work processes and methods must be in focus to secure the way forward for the business - and into the future. Much will become digitized in this industry, which in turn requires good partners in a number of areas.

Otto Olsen assists your business with both products and solutions. Our in-house production provides an extra security and a number of opportunities.

Otto Olsen - your partner

We have a high level of professional competence, a wide product range, in-house production - and we have many satisfied customers. Both in terms of deliveries of products and solutions, but also in relation to consulting.

In this industry, strict requirements are set for most of the products, equipment and production processes. We know what is crucial in this area. That is exactly why we offer close follow-up of our customers.

Our products

We supply a number of products to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Ever greater demands are placed on the equipment in terms of production speed, downtime and temperatures. Therefore, the lubricants used must be developed to ensure trouble-free production. It is important to only use lubricants that are safe to use from a health and environmental perspective and that are in accordance with risk analysis programs such as HACCP.

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