Seals and gaskets

Seals and gaskets

Otto Olsen is Norway's largest supplier of all types of seals and gaskets, for both dynamic and static applications. Examples of products are: o-rings, shaft seals, v-rings, hydraulic seals, flange gaskets and braided packings.

We produce CNC machined seals and gaskets with short delivery times.
The combination of a large warehouse and our own production makes us unique in the market.

We offer a wide product range and innovative solutions

Otto Olsen is a distributor for several of the leading manufacturers in Europe and the rest of the world. We value product competence, quality and service highly - and through a good collaboration with reputable suppliers, we can provide our customers with the latest technological developments in materials and sealing solutions.

We are proud to offer quality products that have been thoroughly tested and certified. Our expertise and commitment to delivering tailored solutions make us a reliable partner for industrial companies worldwide. We are committed to meeting your needs and expectations, regardless of industry or challenge.


Our products in seals and gaskets

O-rings: ideal for sealing covers, flanges, fittings for pipes, valves and filters. They require little space, can operate at high pressures and temperatures and are often used in general industry, engines and the oil and gas industry.

Sealing rings: shaft seals and radial seals, oil and fluid seals for rotation, pressure and high speed. Original Simmerring® for the most demanding applications in maritime and heavy industry. Standard industrial quality from FST-Dichtomatik for use in standard motor and gear applications.

Hydraulic seals: Merkel® seals in Polyurethane, PTFE and elastomer materials for hydraulics in heavy industry, mobile hydraulics and maritime applications. Standard industrial quality from FST-Dichtomatik for normal operating conditions.

Spring-activated seals: designed to cope with extreme demands in terms of temperatures, medium, speeds, pressures. PTFE materials compatible with gas and aggressive chemicals.

Conductive EMC/EMI o-rings/gaskets for shielding and heat-conducting materials for critical electronic components within communications, defense and aerospace.

Static seals: Bonded Seals (Dowty seal), Copper washers, Alu washers and fiber seals in standard sizes for DIN, BSP and most industry standards.

Mechanical shaft seals: for pumps, compressors and mixers. Can seal for both high pressures and demanding chemicals. Component seals, cartridge seals.

Gland Packing: braided fiber packings, added with e.g. graphite and PTFE. For pumps, valves and rotating machinery.

Flange gaskets: in DIN, ANSI and JIS sizes produced in both fiber, Expanded PTFE, Graphite and elastomer materials. Provides a tight and secure connection between steel flanges in pipework and other flange connections. They are indispensable in chemical processes and oil refineries.

V-rings: axial seals in most profiles type VA VE VS VL V-rings and Gamma rings. Seal for axle to housing, provides extra protection against dirt, dust and water.

Our partners

The product range we offer is extensive and we work with some of the leading manufacturers in Europe and the rest of the world. This means that you as a customer will find most things with us. Here you will find an overview of some of our partners.

Otto Olsen has great expertise and can provide you as a customer with technical guidance for choosing seals and gasket solutions that place high demands on materials and design.

We have Norway's largest warehouse for standard seals, gaskets and semi-finished products - and can offer deliveries from our own warehouse with short lead times. At Skedsmokorset, we also have our own production of seals and gaskets with, among other things, SealMaster CNC machines, 4-axis milling machines, cutting tables, punching machines and slitting machines.

We also perform control measurement and inspection with optical geometry scanners.

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