Wheels and castors

Wheels and castors

Since the 1950s, Otto Olsen has supplied wheels and pulleys to the technical industry in Norway. We work closely with several of Europe's leading suppliers and our experience makes us a preferred partner to fulfill the need for wheels and pulleys for Norwegian industry.

Large stock of wheels and pulleys

We have one of Norway's largest and most flexible warehouses of industrial wheels and industrial pulleys and this enables us to offer fast delivery and immediate access to a wide selection. Regardless of whether you need standard products that we can deliver from stock, or customized solutions developed in collaboration with you, we have what you need. We always find a solution. 

Load and bearing capacity

For optimal performance, it is important to choose pulleys and wheels adapted to the correct use and load requirements. We have divided our products into categories based on the desired carrying capacity:

  • Lightweight pulleys and wheels
    Our lightweight castors and wheels, also known as castors, are ideal for applications where mobility and ease of maneuvering are essential. These small but powerful devices are often used in intralogistics, small appliances and electronic components.
  • Medium-duty castors and wheels
    Our range of medium-duty casters and wheels are designed to handle moderate weight loads without compromising performance. These pulleys are ideal for industrial trolleys, conveyors and light material handling applications.
  • Heavy castors and wheels
    For demanding industrial environments, we offer heavy industrial pulleys and industrial wheels, designed to carry heavy loads with ease. These robust units are indispensable in heavy material handling, storage trolleys and heavy production machinery.
  • Stainless wheels
    Our stainless pulleys provide optimal performance in corrosive environments. Made from high quality stainless steel, these pulleys are suitable for the food industry, chemical production and offshore applications where resistance to corrosion is essential.
  • Loose wheels
    Our loose wheels give you the opportunity to adapt your rolling equipment to specific requirements. We offer a wide selection of wheels with different mounts and sizes, perfect for production lines, transport vehicles and specialized machinery.
Wheels and castors in a selection of materials

Wheels and pulleys are used in a number of industrial applications and our range includes a number of different materials specially adapted to different areas of use and environments. This gives you the flexibility to choose for your specific needs.

Some examples from our range:

Areas of use and environments
Contact us and one of our experts will help you find the right wheel or pulley for your exact needs! 


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