X-ring roller chains

X-ring roller chains - 100% maintenance free

100% maintenance-free roller chain

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X-shaped sealing rings lock the lubricating oil inside the chain. The X-shape provides two contact points between the inner and outer side plate.

What is x-ring roller chain?

The X-ring chain is a roller chain that is sealed against the ingress of dirt and is used for the transmission of mechanical forces. Like the standard o-ring chain, this chain is used where high performance is desired and maintenance is not desired.

The X-ring chain is a further development of the o-ring chain. While the regular o-ring chain also has good durability, it also has high internal friction due to the deformation of the o-rings that comes from the pressure between the side plates in the chain. This results in a loss of power transmission.

Therefore, the x-ring chain was developed by replacing the o-rings with x-rings as a seal and the result was a chain with reduced friction, longer durability and better sealing against dirt

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