Worldwide, Norway is a small farming nation, even though fish farming is one of our largest export industries with a turnover of more than NOK 60 billion per year. year. Much of this is farmed salmon.

Aquaculture involves the cultivation of algae, plants and shells, as well as fish farming - and production can take place both in the sea and on land.

New technology such as recycling technology will be able to help make fish farming on land more profitable financially - while at the same time helping gain better control over various challenges. It can be escape, discharges, salmon lice, etc. The possibilities are increasing and research, new technology and innovative solutions show the way.

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This industry is quite technologically advanced, in addition to the fact that good expertise is required in both safety, use and maintenance of production facilities and other technical equipment. High demands are placed on quality at all levels - at installations, around components, etc., at the same time as the environment and sustainability are important aspects to have insight into.

We have a high level of professional competence, a wide range of products - and our own in-house production unit.  

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In this industry, strict requirements are set for most products, equipment and processes. We know what is crucial in this area. That is exactly why we offer close follow-up of our customers.

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