Polyurethane Timing Belt

Total supplier of Polyurethane Timing Belt

We stock a large selection of PU timing belts. We cut the belts to the required width on our premises and can thus deliver the finished product very quickly. Our PU straps are of very high quality and in a large selection of profiles and lengths as well as many varieties of coating and other customization.

Avoid the use of lubricants with a clean and environmentally friendly power transmission.

PU toothed belts from our supplier SIT are quality belts for power transmission produced in Polyurethane with center cords in steel or Kevlar (aramid) fibre. PU timing belts are affected to a lesser extent by chemicals, especially oil, grease and petroleum products.
We supply coated belts for all purposes. Large selection of materials can be coated on the back of the straps.
Polyurethane timing belts in open lengths
Truly Endless means that we can deliver belts with unbroken steel cord up to a length of 24 meters.
PU straps for the food industry

These straps can be supplied with stainless steel cord and food grade PU. The belt is well suited in environments where corrosion can be a challenge.

We specialize in all custom-made toothed belts. Be it coating, guide grooves, vacuum holes or other.

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We stock a large selection of high-precision timing belt pulleys which, together with our belts, ensure total control and quality.

We can in our own workshop adapt the timing belt pulleys to the need that is desired. We produce according to a drawing or other specification so that the wheels are perfectly adapted to the job they are to do.

The high modulus of elasticity of the cord provides very good dimensional stability under load.

The production process, based on a unique and highly sophisticated technology, together with the high quality of the materials used, makes the belts from SIT extremely precise. In addition, they can transmit up to 30% more than T and AT conventional belts, resulting in long-lasting belts or a more compact drive.


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