Otto Olsen is Norway's largest and most complete supplier of transmission products. In close collaboration with our customers, we can solve most challenges when it comes to the need for transmission components.

The areas of use are diverse, among others: mechanical industry, the food industry, sea and land-based oil and gas activities, wood processing, mining, and more.

Otto Olsen as a supplier of transmissions

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Our services provide opportunities

There are thousands of standard products on the market. Nevertheless, we see that customers often need adaptations or something «very special». We can produce according to customer specifications or help you with developing the right design for you.

When it comes to "tailoring", we produce solutions according to the customer's drawings and designs. These can be products that would normally not be considered transmission products. The materials can also be very different. This often means savings in the form of less need for adaptation, which often results in a lower total price.

We assist you with engineered solutions and quality.
These are some of the services we offer:


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