Technical rubber

Technical rubber

In the group «technical rubber», there are a number of different types of rubber - which in turn have different properties.

We have a large range of rubber qualities and access to several production methods for both large and small series. We provide guidance, develop prototypes, sell and produce technical rubber products.

Otto Olsen contributes with competence, quality and customized solutions

With many years of experience and employees with good expertise in rubber products, we assist with solutions that are both innovative and adapted to customers' specifications and needs.

Today, we supply a large number of rubber products to many industries and new customers are constantly discovering our large product range in technical rubber.

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Technical rubber - qualities and possibilities

The need for technical rubber exists in most industries. Among other things in the construction industry, in the offshore and maritime sector, in the transport industry, aerospace, railways etc.

Otto Olsen delivers high quality technical rubber products to you and your business.

Some examples of different qualities include:

Our products in technical rubber

Here you see a short overview of some of the products we deliver. Please take contact us, if you need other types of rubber products - or if you need something self-produced.

Our services contribute to good solutions for you as a customer

When developing products based on rubber, the area of ​​use is one of the most important things to consider. There may be requirements in terms of temperature, strength, elasticity, resistance to heat, aging, oil and chemicals, wear, etc. The possibilities for processing are also something that is very crucial in a production process.

Some of the biggest advantages of rubber compared to other products are the softness and the high elasticity of rubber as a material. When adding other ingredients, the rubber can also have a number of other qualities. It can be fire-retardant, frost-proof, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, etc. - and the end product can be both hard or soft. Depending on wishes and needs.

These are some of the services we offer:

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