Paper and wood processing

Paper and wood processing

The most important raw materials are timber and recycled paper. The wood processing industry produces mainly cellulose, chemicals, paper, fibreboard and packaging, while the main products in the sawmill are planks and construction materials.

Otto Olsen is an important support for your company to achieve its goals for efficient and profitable operation - where climate and environment is central. We have the products and solutions, as well as the services that are crucial for a good end result.

Specialist competence and extensive product assortment

In collaboration with our customers' high competence in operations, Otto Olsen can contribute with cutting-edge expertise in product properties and solutions. This ensures predictable conditions for operation and the best solutions.

Our products in wood processing and sawmilling

We supply a wide range of high quality products and components.

Our services help you along the way

Products and components are important, but first - you need to know what you need. Then it is important to find the most optimal products and solutions to ensure an efficient, stable and profitable operation.

These are some of the services we offer

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