Technical plastic and composite

Technical plastic and composite

Semi-finished products made from plastics are used in a great variety of industries and products – with good reason. Technical plastics can be used in almost any application where movement, support or guidance are required.

Many traditional materials like metal components are increasingly replaced by high-quality plastics thanks to their known advantages and properties like good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent sliding characteristics, high durability, good chemical resistance, dimensional stability as well as high temperature stability.

Today technical plastics are used in virtually every industrial segment. Due to the variety of properties different plastics are used in e.g., food, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, aquaculture and mechanical engineering.

Because of the many options that technical plastics give, we are here to help you select the best suited material for your new product or find an alternative material to improve an existing application.

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Otto Olsen gives you access to quality products based on research and new technology

Otto Olsen collaborates with major suppliers worldwide, which ensures both access to top quality brands and new innovative products.

Extensive research is being carried out on plastics and new materials are constantly being developed. Some of the advantages of plastic materials are low friction, good durability and corrosion resistance.

With our partners we can develop and produce special material according to your demand in both technical plastics and composites. To facilitate your end product we have the opportunity to apply several different production methods such as injection moulding, casting, additive manufacturing and of course machining.

Otto Olsen is also a supplier of Tufcot® composite.

Our product types in technical plastics and composites

Otto Olsen offers both semi-finished and finished machined products. In addition to a large warehouse, we also have our own production where we can machine, punch, cut and vulcanize in most plastics and composite materials according to the customer's drawings.

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Our services offer many benefits

As an Otto Olsen customer you will benefit from our experience and technical expertise. We can provide you with guidance and support from draft to finished product, helping you find the right end-product via material selection and best production methods. Your business is in safe hands with us.

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