The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act


Otto Olsen AS aims to be a responsible employer. We recognize the long-term importance of compliant business conduct because it creates trust among employees, customers, owners and other stakeholders.

With our solutions, products and services, we want to contribute to the continuous improvement of sustainable and economic development, environmental responsibility and social justice. In everything we do, we respect human rights, health, the environment and safety.

The Transparency Act

The text above is taken from our ethical guidelines.
The guidelines otherwise deal with specific requirements for:
  • Child labor and forced labour
  • Health and safety
  • Employee rights
  • Confidential Information
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Political independence
  • Fair competition
  • Anti-corruption
  • Equal treatment
  • Sustainable environment
  • Whistleblowing

Suppliers and partners

We expect all our suppliers and business partners to respect our ethical standards
guidelines and acts in accordance with them. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to ensure
that our ethical guidelines are also followed by their subcontractors when they work with us.

Otto Olsen AS must emphasize working conditions and environmental conditions when choosing new ones

We only do business with suppliers, customers and partners who respect our ethical standards
guidelines and acts in accordance with them.

Description of the company's structure

Otto Olsen is a Norwegian-owned company with extensive experience and high technical expertise. We offer a
wide range of products for various industries. In addition to the head office, Otto Olsen is at
Berger located with warehouse and production unit in Kristiansand. We are approx. 120 employees.
The leadership group consists of 10 members with different areas of responsibility in the organization such as
finance, sales, purchasing, HR, quality and HSE, product expertise, logistics and production.

Description of the company's structure

Otto Olsen supplies technical products and complex solutions to industry and trade,
mainly in Norway, but also abroad. The products and solutions are divided into the following

  • Hydraulics
  • Industrial components
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Transmissions
  • Fluid handling


We also have our own production of seals and gaskets as well as workshops for hose and
pipe processing.

Procedures for approval and re-approval of suppliers to Otto Olsen

  • Self-evaluation form completed by new suppliers must be approved after submission
    or rejected by the purchasing manager. All A suppliers must be re-approved every 3 years

  • All new suppliers must sign that they comply with all our requirements specified in our
    ethical guidelines.

  • At our request, all suppliers must sign that their products are in line
    with the requirements of the EU directives for Reach, ROHS and Asbestos.

Industries we sell to

Otto Olsen supplies products and solutions to the following markets / industries:

  • Offshore and marine
  • Transport
  • Food and pharma
  • Contractor, asphalt and crushed stone
  • Mechanical industry
  • Metal industry
  • Paper and wood processing
  • Aquaculture

Anchoring the work with human rights and decent
working conditions

The work to fulfill the requirements of the Openness Act is anchored in the Otto Olsen AS board.


The managing director has the overall responsibility for compliance with requirements in the law, and reports to the board when board meetings are held. Other responsibilities are placed as follows:

  • The head of quality, HSE and HR is responsible for following up the work internally, and that
    instructions, routines and other documentation that have been prepared are used internally in accordance with applicable requirements.
  • The purchasing manager is responsible for expectations and guidelines for responsible business
    appears in all new agreements with our suppliers.
  • The purchasing manager must carry out a due diligence assessment regarding human rights and
    working conditions in cases where the new supplier is located in a country with such a risk.
  • The purchasing manager will plan and carry out supplier audits at our most important
    suppliers specified in their own audit plan. The revisions will largely deal with
    the supplier's control routines for subcontractors in risk countries.
  • The purchasing manager must obtain information from the relevant supplier by external request
    from the customer about the country of manufacture, etc.

Notification channels and complaint mechanisms that will help uncover negative consequences

We have a notification system in line with the Working Environment Act for our employees. 

Questions to Otto Olsen about our work with due diligence assessments and compliance with requirements in the Transparency Act are sent to

Notifications and complaints in accordance with Violations of human rights and the working environment are sent to the same email address.

Read Otto Olsen's explanation of requirements in the Transparency Act here

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Join us at Fagdager 5 and 6 June

Otto Olsen organizes professional days on 5 and 6 June here at our head office. We welcome all customers and contacts to two educational and exciting days.

Join us at Fagdager 5 and 6 June

Otto Olsen organizes professional days on 5 and 6 June here at our head office. We welcome all customers and contacts to two educational and exciting days.