Sustainability goals

UN Sustainability Goals

Otto Olsen AS has ambitions to contribute to a greener future. 

We must be a responsible employer and a responsible actor in the markets we operate in. We recognize the long-term importance of compliant business conduct because it creates trust among employees, customers, owners and other stakeholders. 

With our solutions, products and services, we want to contribute to the continuous improvement of sustainable and economic development, environmental responsibility and social justice.

In everything we do, we respect human rights, health, the environment and safety.

Otto Olsen will contribute to a greener future.

We ensure good health for our employees through a continuous focus on HSE

We offer competence development internally and externally. 

We are concerned with diversity and equality. We strive to increase the proportion of female employees.

We focus on good working conditions and fair arrangements for our employees and for our suppliers.

We focus on a low CO2 footprint in our operations. We will work continuously to reduce negative environmental impact.

We focus on a low CO2 footprint of our activities.

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