About us

Otto Olsen since 1866

Otto Olsen is a market-leading supplier and production company that delivers technical products and complex solutions to industry and trade.

About us

Otto Olsen is a Norwegian-owned company with long experience and high technical competence. We offer a wide range of products to various industries and it is important for us to maintain a high level of service. We do our best to find the right products and solutions in collaboration with our customers.

The future requires constant adjustment, willingness to change, ability to implement and to both offer and provide the best for our customers. With a myriad of products from some of the world's leading manufacturers, we cover a wide and complex range of technical needs - and with tailor-made solutions produced in-house, this provides great flexibility, a high level of service and short delivery times.

Trust, quality, overview and availability

We have a strong focus and commitment to establishing trust, both in our advice, our delivery ability and the quality of the products.

To ensure that our customers have quick access to products, we have built up a rich warehouse north of Oslo with approximately 60 000 different products - we can mention, for example, that we have 8000 different O-rings in stock.

A short history up to today

Otto Olsen was established in 1866 and is a privately owned limited company with approximately 120 employees.

We are today Norway's largest and most complete supplier when it comes to seals and technical rubber. This also applies to various transmission products, molded and machined products in plastic, cellular plastic, special lubricants, hoses and other technical industrial products.

Otto Olsen represents a number of world-leading manufacturers and in order to satisfy customers' needs, we purchase from more than 200 suppliers every month.

Our values

Otto Olsen is a solid, future-oriented company with deep roots in the technical development in Norway.

We value development and progress, but never at the expense of quality. We understand the importance of a systematic approach without sacrificing being flexible and solution-oriented in our everyday practice.

Our production contributes to flexibility and allows us to assist our customers more effectively.

New needs are constantly emerging and even with an extensive product range at hand, we may not have exactly what a customer might need. Fortunately, we have our own in-house production. The machine park consists of CNC-controlled lathes, CNC-controlled cutting machines, punching machines and various other machines and equipment.

Our engineers, computer programs and production are significant contributors to our development. We can therefore help our customers faster and more flexibly than the large foreign manufacturers can.


J.C. Schmidt establishes business in Oslo.


Otto Olsen, a young 16-year-old, starts as a volunteer in J.C. Schmidt. In 1895 Schmidt dies. Otto Olsen takes over the business, but he continues to run it under the name J.C. Schmidt's Successor.


Otto Olsen's son, Arne Olsen, starts in the company and the name is changed to Otto Olsen & Søn. Arne Olsen died in a climbing accident as early as 1934, and in 1939 Otto Olsen's son-in-law, Nils Melhus, took over the company, which then had three employees.


Otto Olsen & Søn starts as a distributor for Continental tires.


We move from the old part of Oslo to Lillestrøm in 1983. The name is simplified to Otto Olsen AS.


Otto Olsen separates and sells the tire business. Otto Olsen's logo and graphic profile are established and the company sets an ambitious growth plan to triple turnover to NOK 100 million over the course of five years. The goal was reached in four years.


Otto Olsen starts a number of acquisitions and forms a production department


Otto Olsen moves from Lillestrøm to newly built premises at Skedsmokorset.

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