Racor filter

Racor filter: your insurance against unwanted operational disturbances

Otto Olsen is the main distributor of Racor filters in Norway.

We have Norway's largest stock of Racor products and high competence in filters and filter solutions for marine, aquaculture, industry, construction, oil and gas. Contact us and we will help you find the right filter product for your application.

Quality for all your needs

Racor fuel filters and water separators come in a variety of sizes to fit most engines. If quality is what you expect from your filter system, then the Racor filter / separator is what you need.

Racor fuel filter effectively removes dirt and water from diesel and gasoline and ensures optimal water repellency and long life. Water separators remove particles and water from the fuel before it can damage the engine.


Whether you drive a truck, bus, drive a generator or pump, you need to know that every time you turn on the ignition, the engine fires. There is nothing that ensures the reliability of the engine, more than quality filtration from Racor.


No matter what type of recreational boat or commercial naval vessel - from a small work boat, to a tanker. Parker Racor is the name you can rely on for all applications.

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