Equality statement

Equality statement 2022


Otto Olsen AS works for equality and against discrimination, and the work is done in accordance with Section 26 of the Equality and Discrimination Act.

Our goal is for Otto Olsen to be characterized by equality, absence of discrimination and equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic and cultural background, or sexual orientation. To be an attractive employer, equality and diversity are important key factors.

Our ethical guidelines emphasize that we must show respect to colleagues as well as business partners and competitors. We must be inclusive and contribute to a working community free from discrimination of any kind. Everyone at Otto Olsen AS must contribute to a working community without bullying, harassment, harassment or the like. We must have a working environment based on full equality and we encourage employees to report objectionable conditions in the company, without fear of reprisals.

Status of gender equality

We have a goal of increasing the proportion of women in the company when recruiting new people. There are generally few women who apply. We have not had any involuntary temporary employees. Those who have worked part-time have done so based on their own needs.

We have prepared a gender-divided salary statistic divided into relevant job levels, including an assessment of bonuses and other benefits.

The mapping of wage differences between women and men shows that there are differences, but the review has shown that there are no systematic differences as a result of discrimination. The salary differences are linked to competence, responsibility, working conditions, efforts and seniority.

This is how we have worked with equality, diversity and inclusion

The work for equality and against discrimination is anchored in the company's board and management, as well as in the company's ethical guidelines for employees and for our business partners. The company's working environment committee has equality topics on the agenda in all ordinary AMU meetings.
The company's HSE representatives / shop stewards have been involved in the work where we have assessed the risk of discrimination and harassment, and also in the division of job levels for mapping pay differences.

The work environment survey carried out in 2022 dealt with, among other things, questions about the experience of being treated differently. The result was not disturbing, although a few have responded that they have been treated differently. The survey was anonymous. Investigations were initiated and measures introduced where possible.

Our goals for 2022

  • Attract more female applicants in recruitment processes
  • Countering harassment

We discovered the following risks of discrimination and obstacles to equality

  • Our industry seems to attract men much more than women. There are very few female applicants for vacant positions. There are also few women who seek careers internally.
  • Harassment

Implemented measures

  • All recruitment advertisements we have published in 2022 have encouraged women with the right skills to apply.
  • Notifications in the reporting year that dealt with harassment have been dealt with.
  • An employee survey has been carried out, evaluated and reviewed with all employees.
  • All employees have had a review of our ethical guidelines with their own manager and also signed to confirm that they have been read and understood.
  • Meetings with individual departments on topics related to the working environment and well-being have been carried out


Results of the work and expectations for the equality work going forward

Beyond the two risk areas we have described above, all measurements in relation to well-being factors such as sickness absence, injuries, results from employee surveys, input from employee interviews etc. indicate that Otto Olsen has a good working environment. Nor have findings been made that show that employees generally feel discriminated against.


Plan for further work in 2023

  • Recruitment strategy to get more women to apply for a job with us
  • Skill development opportunities for all employees
  • Facilitate internal career opportunities for women who want this

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