Contractor, asphalt and crushed stone

The construction industry, crushing- and asphalt plants

Crushed stone and gravel have many uses. It is used in most construction projects in the construction industry, for foundations, as aggregates in concrete and asphalt, for road construction, but also in the offshore industry. In the latter case, the purposes may be to cover cables, substrates for installations under water, etc.

Asphalt dominates as road surface in Norway, and asphalt is selected based on load, availability of materials, local conditions and price. At the same time, requirements are set regarding wear, aging, noise, etc.

Products from Otto Olsen

Our products help contractors, crushing plants and asphalt plants to a stable and safe operation all year round.

We offer, among other things:

We assist you in a number of areas

Otto Olsen has for many years acquired great professional competence in a number of industries, and we assist your business in several areas, with:

Smart solutions and products from Otto Olsen contribute to efficiency

Many suction and flushing cars use hoses from Otto Olsen. These cars suck up septic tanks, sand traps, street drains, grease and oil from separators and other sludge and liquids from both private and industrial sites. They also suck up dry mass, everything from stone and crushed stone to powder and sludge of all kinds.

The hoses used have up to 130 mm diameter. Unloading takes place via an emptying nozzle or by reversing the pump, so that sludge and liquid can be dumped onto tanks. Otto Olsen delivers hoses that can withstand all this.

Often the access for large vehicle is difficult, where e.g. excavators cannot access. In this situation the suction hose can be laid out. There may also be challenges with cables in the ground.

Suction and flushing cars can also blow crushed stone, leca etc. through the hoses and backfill masses where access is difficult.


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