Fluid handling

Fluid handling

Otto Olsen is a supplier of equipment for measuring, liquid transfer - be it fuel, chemicals or water, as well as filtration. In addition, we offer a number of other products and services in liquid handling.

We supply equipment to airports, depots, tankers / bulk trucks, refineries, offshore, ships, petrol stations, the oil processing, petrochemical and food industries.

Otto Olsen collaborates with many of the world's leading manufacturers in his field. This gives both us and our customers access to unique expertise, and the latest in technology and opportunities.

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In today's production processes, we have come a long way compared to a few decades back in time. The environment is in focus like never before, and that is exactly why safe and sustainable liquid handling is something we must all have implemented.

Water is an important source in many production processes, both in terms of intake for discharges - but also in ensuring a stable and safe management of water as a resource. Fluid handling is of course part of this process, and every single step in the process must play a part.

Ensuring a safe and secure handling of liquids such as acids, flammable substances, toxins, etc. - requires both expertise, experience and good solutions.

Smart solutions can also ensure the reuse of liquids, which can streamline operations, but also reduce costs.

Otto Olsen assists your business with reliable and safe solutions. Be it by integrations or treatment of liquids.

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