Price adjustment 01.05.2021



Based on increased raw material prices from our suppliers and a strong increase in shipping costs, we find ourselves forced to increase our prices on selected product groups.

The increase will be up to 6% although some product groups might deviate from this.

We continuously strive to avoid any price increases from our suppliers, and initiate a number of efficiency projects internally to minimize our cost picture.

Orders that are already confirmed will not be influenced by this increase.


In order to avoid possible infections and limit the spread of the Corona virus, we are taking all precautions recommended by the Ministry of Health very seriously to guarantee the best health to all employees.

As a result, our employees now work from home and are available by phone and email as usual.

We have a large, well stocked warehouse and items are shipped out as before. Production and inventory functions maintain regular operations both at Skedsmokorset and in Kristiansand, with measures taken to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

We would like to emphasize that Otto Olsen does not currently have suppliers that have stopped their deliveries to us, but due to local restrictions outside of our control, we may experience delays in the delivery of goods.

Best regards,

Michael Mørum
Sales Manager
Otto Olsen AS

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