A wide range of products in a unique showroom

Our 150.000 products cover a wide and complex range of technical needs - and with tailor-made solutions produced in-house, this provides greater flexibility, a higher level of service and shorter delivery times than our competitors.

Trust, quality, overview and insight
We have a strong focus on establishing trust, and not least confirming the quality of our products and solutions. At the same time, we know that our large product portfolio can make it challenging to get an overview of what Otto Olsen actually delivers.

That is exactly why we have in our new building at Skedsmo created a showroom out of the ordinary. 23 different suppliers from all over Europe are represented, and together we create trust externally with our expertise and our wide range of quality products and solutions.

A showroom with 565 square meters, 36 exhibition spaces for suppliers divided into seven wall frames and nine roundabouts with a good distance between the spaces make it all an informative, practical and good experience.

Large windows mean that visitors can also follow everything that takes place in the workshop and production hall and at the same time get an insight into the automatic Autostore system for storage with 20.000 boxes, 16 robots and 8 workstations. It all means that visitors get very close to Otto Olsen's soul.

A showroom with many possibilities
The showroom has many uses. It can be a gathering point during trade fair visits in the local area, e.g. Nor-Shipping which takes place at the Norwegian Trade Fair in Lillestrøm - and we can set up buses that carry visitors between us and the trade fair.

At the messanin there are also opportunities to hold events, e.g. collections and lectures. In the hall, kitchens and toilets are available - and then you have what it takes for a successful event.

Open for visits
The Korona situation has been challenging for many, but since this venue is so large, it is safe for customers to come. Large premises allow us to keep a safe distance.

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